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Building a Loyalty Referral Program

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Getting new business is great, but keeping business is important for long-term success. Customer loyalty leads to recurring revenue and referrals. Using a website that offers end-to-end solutions, including a built-in loyalty and referral program that is easy to implement and track can impact your customer retention rate.

I always like to say, treat your website like an employee. Provide your website with the tools to succeed, give it a role to play in the company, and make sure it is making you money not costing you money.

Creating an automated loyalty program is a great tool to utilize on your website.

Customers can earn points by taking action on your website. Any call-to-action can lead to "points". Here is an example of how your program can work...

Margaret Civella Loyalty Program

How it Works

Decide on your call-to-actions that allow members to earn points:

  1. Become a site member

  2. Purchase a product

  3. Sign up for an event

  4. Make a reservation

  5. Place an order

  6. RSVP

  7. Book an appointment

  8. Sign up for newsletters

  9. Join your forum

Setting it Up

Decide how you want customers to earn points and create the automation. You can run campaigns to encourage certain actions and decide when you want to make an action inactive.

Referral Program Margaret Civella

Once you have everything set up, you can easily manage the points earned from your dashboard.


Customers can keep track of and redeem rewards from the website. When they become a member they will have access to a profile page that shows their reward status, orders, and more.

Name the rewards, run automations, offer coupons, and offer discounts. All of this is created and controlled from your Referral program dashboard.

Create tiers, build seasonal promotions, edit, activate and deactivate rewards at any time.

Margaret Civella Reward Program

Create Automations

Sending awards and point notifications to existing members helps create a call-to-action and encourages buying decisions. You can set up emails that will go to non-members to help encourage registration.

Margaret Civella Reward Wix

You can create multiple email automations that can go out to segmented lists.

  1. Reward Notification

  2. Abandoned Cart

  3. Encourage Registration

Notable Points

  1. You determine how points are earned.

  2. You can pause your loyalty program at any time

  3. Activate and reactivate seasonal point promotions

  4. Customers can track rewards via their "My Rewards" page on your website

  5. Redeem via coupon or rewards code

An end-to-end business solution is on your Wix website waiting to be activated. Set up is easy, running it is automated, and the rewards are waiting!

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