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Is Your Website A Good Employee?

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

I believe your website should be considered an important member of your team. Just like everyone else within your company, your website should have a job description, provided tools to succeed, and periodic performance evaluations.

Your website is a big marketing investment, and like all investments, you need to support it in order to make it successful. In other words, treat your website just like you treat everyone else in the company.

Job Description

It's difficult to have expectations without outlining what you need from your team. The same is true with your website. So let's assign it a job description...

Must generate digital leads for the sales team, track current customer and potential customer activity, populate contact information into email database, be responsible for sending autoresponders and other email campaigns, make purchasing suggestions, social media posting, and abandoned cart notifications, track inventory, and provide reports to gauge SEO success.

When creating a job description, be thoughtful and consider how you want your website to work for you. Websites are not stagnant digital profiles that sit online and look pretty. Websites can be a dynamic part of our salesforce.

A Wix website developer can help you develop this description and explain the tools available to help create a hard-working website.


Once you decide what your website's job description is, it's time to discover what tools it needs.

Wix offers fully integrated applications that seamlessly work together. Incorporate CRM, E-commerce, Reporting, Financials, Credit Card Processing, Forms, Memberships, Subscriptions, Blogs, Events, Workshops, Forums, and more.


Once you determine what tools are needed, it's time to set up the workflows and let your website go to work. Understanding how customers navigate your website is critical to creating engagement, leads, and sales.

  1. Set up your contact forms to obtain important information

  2. Set up autoresponders to the corresponding contact forms

  3. Properly set up your Google Business Listing

  4. Make sure your website is indexed

  5. Develop a marketing plan and set up necessary marketing and social media promos.

A good website developer will also take time to understand how your team will need to interact with the website. Create workflows that include utilizing the website to generate leads, contact leads, close a sale, and follow up.

Allow members of your team access to the information and functions they need through the Roles Management settings. Teach your website how to be a team player and provide support to the rest of the company.


Your website, just like everyone else, has to prove its value. Within the Wix Website Dashboard, you can easily gain access to reports to make sure all tasks are being performed successfully. Learn:

  • Traffic Sales Conversions

  • How people are reaching your website (social media, direct, or search engines)

  • Unique vs Returning Visitors

  • Sales by Traffic Source

  • Key Organic Search Words

  • Paid Ad Campaign Results

  • Most Viewed Pages

  • Clicks to Contact (phone vs email)

  • New Leads Generated

  • How your team members are performing

  • +More!

Visit your website dashboard often! Evaluate and optimize to make sure your website is doing the best job it can for you.

Sitting down with a website developer that takes time to understand your business, how it works, what it needs, and how to tell your story can help create the job description and the tools you implement onto your website.

Positive work culture is created when you're happy, your team is happy, and your website is happy and working together.

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