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All-In-One Marketing: What is That?

As a developer, trying to find applications and plug-ins that work well with a website is a challenge. Or at least it was a challenge. After years of fighting with different plug-ins, website platforms, and applications I discovered Wix.

Self-Professed Website Snob

I admit I am a reformed website snob. I looked down at easy-to-use website builders without understanding the service they provided. Once I started having problems with WordPress and began to understand how unstable the platforms I was building were, I began to research practical solutions.

The solutions I needed were not just for me but for my clients. I needed something that was easy for clients to use and understand when it was time for me to move on to the next project. That's when I discovered Wix.

More Than DIY

Wix offers marketing solutions, sales solutions, report functions, fully integrated e-commerce, Google Analytics, membership, subscription services, credit card processing, galleries, event bookings, video rentals, multi-media sales, email, customer outreach, social media posting, ads, and more.

The best part is all of these components talk to each other and work together. Your digital marketing is no longer a puzzle that you painstakingly have to put together and hope that a piece does not disappear along the way.

When you build a website, you are also building a strong digital sales platform with tools you can use to create functions to help your products, services, sales, and customers all talk and work together.

Your Website is an Employee

Your website is an important investment and should be treated like an employee. Make sure your website is doing its job and helping your company grow. A good website developer will take time to figure out how a website can be a dynamic marketing tool to use and grow with your business.


Through Wix, I am able to offer multiple functions applications and integrations that are easily accessed from one dashboard. I can continue to work with clients helping to build digital marketing campaigns, and offer consulting services. I also have the ability to build and turn everything over to your marketing. That means I can build and train your team how to use and update Wix allowing you to keep everything in-house.

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