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Uncomfortable Integrations Situations and Practical Solutions

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

I switched to all-in-one marketing because I needed to make life easier for me and my clients. Website development and upkeep were becoming a drain of time and money. Here is how the process looked:

  1. Set up domain

  2. Set up hosting

  3. Set up WordPress

  4. Set up Theme for WordPress

  5. Create a website using multiple independent plug-ins

  6. Keep website operational will with updates for hosting, WordPress, Theme, and Plug-ins.

Did you know the average WordPress site has 20 - 30 plug-ins? All of those plug-ins need updating for both the WordPress and WordPress Theme? I once had a WordPress site crash because a Plug-in updated a font! After a few years, I found I was having to replace plug-ins and maintain a delicate balance between WordPress, themes, and plug-ins.


Because not all plug-ins and themes are built to work together. They may work together great in the early stages of development but poor functionality is inevitable. WordPress was initially developed for bloggers. Then... developers started creating themes to override WordPresses initial function, then... developers started creating plug-ins to override more functions.

What are you left with?

Soon you have a beautiful and expensive website with an unstable foundation that does not necessarily fit well with your workflows. Over time integrations begin to falter and in some cases, the process that was once somewhat automatic becomes more manual. But you spent all this money so you are stuck with the investment.

The MailChimp Nightmare

Not all plug-ins and integrations are guaranteed to last forever. Sometimes relationships go bad. One example is that of Shopify and MailChimp.

Shopify offers apps that help improve your marketing integrations, such as MailChimp. Then one-day MailChimp and Shopify had an argument and decided to break up. Leaving users searching for alternatives with email and website automation.

Does Integrated Marketing Exist?

I started my journey to find a better solution for website development, apps, and plug-in integrations. I found it! I discovered Wix and all of their marketing solutions that work together, upgrade together, like each other, and never break up.

Now I am able to develop websites with approved apps that all seamlessly work together.

  1. Contact forms that update your Contacts.

  2. Contacts that talk to your website, your sales team, and your email and tell them what to do!

  3. One login gives you access to a single dashboard with reports, marketing, settings, your store, your blog, contacts, members, finances, and more.

  4. The dashboard makes it easy to see how everything is integrated and how to make informed changes.

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